Sistemi per la misura della coppia



Oil and gas industry is involved in the transport of hazardous chemicals. Therefore actuated valves must perform correctly and provide high performance. Ball valve manufacturers are responsible for testing and publishing valve torque data. Comprehensive
reporting and documentation for the end user is of utmost importance. Ball valves and
actuators which do not work properly reduce safety during production processes and
increase acquisition and maintenance costs significantly.


Sensor tools and ZG are ideal for testing all kinds of valves of all sizes

  • Torque testing equipment consists of a sensor torque tool, an applicatio software and an operation panel
  • Customized to test 90°opening and closing cycles of ball valves with a tool torque range of central gear up to 200,000 Nm
  • MDS and ZG outperform international standards of traceability of torque values, quality and reliability
  • The documentation of torque values helps to identify and avoid threatening risks (e.g. running costs). Moreover, it enables you
    to prove the necessary torque to move the ball valve with different loads.