Serie EC

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Electric Torque Multiplier

  • alkitronic® EC-S / EC-A electric torque multipliers from 75 to
    6,530 Nm (55 to 4,815 ft.lbs).
    Consistent torque accuracy on all international power supplies
    100 – 253 V / 45 – 66 Hz.
  • Precise shut-off with on-site voltage-controlled portable generators.
  • Models alkitronic® EC-A angled tools, low height for difficult access


Safe interruption-free work in any weather (moisture, rain) –
thanks to protection class IP54.

  • Low running costs:
    Low-wear, maintenance-free, brushless synchronous motor.
  • Permanent higher joint quality by continuous rotation of the
    square drive.
  • Simple 1-finger trigger operation for forward and reverse.
  • OLED-Display anti-glare and high contrast – for perfect reading
    under all weather conditions.
  • Menu-guided intuitive operation, with control and warning signals.
  • Ergonomic and comfortable operation:
    The 360 degree rotating handle prevents reaction forces being
    transferred to the operator.


High-quality bolting, according to torque/angle procedure.

  • Highly innovative generation of electric torque multipliers with new
    sensorless control motor technology.
  • Lower power consumption
    increases the service life of the electronic components.
  • Repeat shut-off accuracy ± 2% for the same bolting application.
  • Precise reproduction of preselected torque through intelligent,
    processor-controlled motor with automatic shut-off.
  • Longer service life: Low heat generation – thus highest reliability
    and almost no downtime.
  • Robust and long lasting: Motor housing of cast aluminum.