Serie EB-S

Attrezzature per imbullonatura


Battery driven
torque multiplier

alkitronic® EB: Battery-driven torque multiplier from 170 Nm to 6,000 Nm /
125 ft.lbs to 4,425 ft.lbs.

Extremely mobile and always ready for use:

  • Innovative product design for comfortable working – independent of
    external power supply.
  • Permanent higher joint quality by continuous rotation of the square drive


Ergonomic design: Ultra grippy housing for your safety and a secure bolting procedure.

  • OLED-display: Anti-glare and high contrast – for perfect reading under
    all weather conditions.
  • High quality bolting: The brushless synchronous motor with excellent
    efficiency and the smart processor-controlled automatic shutdown
    ensures amazing increased productivity and low running costs.
  • Low noise emissions, no noise protection necessary.
  • alkitronic® smart service: Enabling wireless documentation and
  • Unique 1-finger trigger: Unbeatable efficiency through fast, simple
    change of direction of rotation.
  • Maximum flexibility: Thanks to the application-specific, modular
    software packages from alkitronic® – e.g. bolting according to the
    torque/rotation angle method with adjustable min./max. torque limitation. Can also be retrofitted later if the bolting application changes.
  • Repeat shut-off accuracy ± 3% for the same bolting application.


Simple navigation: Intuitive interface drastically reduces operating
errors and misadjustments.

  • Health and safety first: Due to a new technology patented by alkitronic®
    the reaction torques are decoupled. This leads to an extreme reduction
    of radial forces on the wrist to 1 Nm and thus actively contributes to the
    occupational health and safety of the worker.
  • Outstanding battery concept: Vast increase in operating time thanks
    to innovative switching from 4 to 6 Ah.