Serie E

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Electric Torque

  • alkitronic E, 2-speed torque multiplier for torques from 200 Nm to 10,000 Nm.
  • The indestructible workaday torque tool is used to loosen or tighten heavy-duty bolted connections with high on-the-job safety and short assembly times.
  • Permanently higher joint quality compared to ratchet torque tools or tools with impact mechanism by continuous rotation of the square drive.
  • Efficient operation with short fastening cycles: Fast gear for run down and power gear for highest torques and precision.


  •  Ease of operation: Fast switching direction of rotation as well as speed-changing. Wide torque range, choice from seven torque values pro gear.
  • Operator convenience and health-consideration: Lightweight ergonomically designed tool. The 360 degree rotating handle ensure convenient working. None of the reaction forces are transferred to the operator.
  • Smart processor-controlled switch-off electronics for consistently precise reproduction of the pre-selected torque.


  • Break-proof, impact-proof and resistent to corrosion: Robust Motor housing made of special polymer.
  • Proven modular high-performance gears, produced in a chip-free high-precision process.