The choice of Mapptools to partner with industry leaders, allowed to take advantage of many services including one of the most important, “training”.

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Important because first of all it is necessary to train the personnel on safety and security of themselves as well as of their equipment, which often has high economic costs. Sometimes with small and simple steps, you can work better, with less effort and in total safety.

In this sense Mapptools has invested and still invests time and money in order to educate and train the best operators. With the help of our representatives, we are able to offer safety courses, courses on the maintenance and courses on the use of equipment of various kinds.

Below, we have listed the opportunities reserved for our clients:

– Course title: IOSH Managing Safely

– Course title: ECITB MJI (Mechanical Joint Integrity) 10, 18 and 19

– Course title: Flange Management Software

– Course title: Hands on Practice

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see the brochure for details of the courses organized by our mother company SPX