Series PE400

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Powerteam 700 bar, up to 1,000 Ton electric control unit.

Ideal for applications that use more hydraulic cylinders or only one hydraulic cylinder tonnage. The PE400 is the most powerful electric unit in the Powerteam range and, given its scope, it can also be used with hydraulic wrenches as well as with the double acting cylinders. High speed and performance guaranteed, this is a double stage electric pump with a three-phase motor from 7.46 Kw, 1437 rpm. It is equipped with an electro-valve function with “start” “stop” and “hold” and of course, with a handy remote.


  • Engine 7.46 Kw, three phase, 1437 rpm
  • Capacity: 16 l/min at 15 bar, 5.6 l/min at 700 bar
  • Valve 4-Way, 3-positions (manual or solenoid depending on model)
  • Noise contained: 73-80 dba
  • External valve adjustment
  • Pressure tank tracks to facilitate its handling
  • Oil tank 62.8 lt.