Bolting Equipments


Electrical box ultra-compact high performance.
Studied, designed and built by our partner Alkitronic to operate the hydraulic wrenches.
High performance obtained thanks to a powerful engine brush-less 3kw capable of delivering well-1,7 l / min at 700 bar.
All in less than 30 kilograms weight including oil. Semi automatic or automatic operations. Extremely quiet, supplied together with a robust case protection and soundproofed handles and eyebolts support. It can work both horizontally and vertically and can be operated even while in its case.
Supplied with piping sections plus series to maximize performance.


  • High capacity electrical box usable worldwide
  • Motor 100-253 V / 45-66 Hz, up to 700 bar / 10,000 psi
  • Available in optional: NOVA DUO and QUATTRO (for 2 or 4 keys)
  • High performance, Ultra compact
  • High performance
  • Compatible with all models of keys or hydraulic jacks
  • Brushless engine 3 kw
  • Less than 30 kg weight including oil
  • Soundproof prepared for transportation.
  • Compact and robust, specially designed for heavy duty
  • Can be used both horizontally and vertically