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Bolting Equipments

Tools and Accessories (electrical, manual and pneumatic) for tightening bolts with torque control.
Specific or generic bolt tensioners. Specific software flanges.

Lifting systems and products

Full range of hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic power units & accessories for lifting.
Flow rates from 5 ton to 1220 ton.

Systems for torque measurement

Torque Measurement Systems, trasducer integrated in the tools to maximize performance

Equipments for various applications

Equipment of various kinds: flange spreaders, nut splitters and so on. A complete service to the client provided with competence and professionalism.

Portable actuators for valves

Portable Actuators offer more than the benefits of standard actuators.



Portable actuators for valves – ATEX

The world’s first battery-powered portable ATEX valve actuator.