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Supply tensioners SRT4 Alaska Pipelines

Supply of tensioners for the locking of flange on petroleum ball valve. Classic example of tension at 50% with SRT series tensioners with spring return

Valve Mounting 8″ class 600

The world of valves range from small and low quality bolts to linkages of considerable size and made with highly bound steels. The maneuvering space and reduced power required, oblige the client to use powerful but lightweight and ultra-compact tools. Mapptools was entrusted to partners of absolute prestige to ensure the customer service reliability and competence.

Pipelay Platform Northern seas

This application is the vade mecum of how to make a perfect tension. In this case it is important to note that the user utilizes tighteners, “SUBSEA”, that are able to work in complete safety even underwater. In this case, a tension with 100% cover for a length of tubing of pipeline.

Project Moses

Project MOSES Known to many for regulating tides in the Venice lagoon.. A SPX model TWSD25 hydraulic wrench was used underwater with excellent results. A showcase to promote the quality of our product.

Maintenance Man engines turbo

In this application it can be noted that the use of the SPX hydraulic wrench can facilitate the operations of repair of a giant industrial engine. Mapptools provides sales and rental of these tools.

Maintenance dockside crane

Application example of dockside crane self-propelled. Being real giants in motion, this huge cranes require maintenance and daily care such as control of the bolts are tightened correctly. Precisely for this reason we use the hydraulic wrenches SPX Mapptools that distributes and / or rent.

Installation 27 wind turbines

Example of installation of the first segment of a wind turbine mounted on concrete plinths and locked to the latter with anchor bolts. In this specific application, are using hydraulic wrench SPX mod. TWSD3 and electrohydraulic Power Team mod. PE55TWP PE55TWP

Lifting bridge on the River Po

Example of application. It is a lifting cylinder (n°16) applied to a control electro hydraulic needle valves to balance the weights and races. Application for the lifting of a road bridge for replacement of elastic joints.

Installation 12 “1.5 MW Wind Turbines”

Installation of wind turbines on site. In this kind of application are used for various types of tools. Depending on the types of threads and sectors of wind tower, you can use the tensioners, the keys to the hydraulic impact wrenches and moltiplicaqtori torque. Mapptools is able to provide the full range of tools.